Some Ifa Things

Here are some slightly different things for Orunmila/Ifa that I have made: Ide Ifa (idefa) that use blue cylindrical beads called “segi” or shegi. Segi beads are a sign of royalty and regeneration and these cornflower blue beads are said to be deposited in the earth by the rainbow python, Oshumare. They are said to…

It’s “ide” not “ilde”

I’m sorry to be a pain in the neck, and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, but the word used for bracelet in Lukumi is IDE (eeeh-day) not ILDE. No “L” necessary.

Matipó: A Bead Color You Should Know

I mentioned this bead in a previous post, it describes a colour somewhere between red and brown. A reddish brown, but definitely a brown (not wine or anything so red). Matipó pictured below is used in elekes for Asojano, Aganju, some Oguns, Oba, and Oya.   You will see that there is definitely some red in…

Reason No. 1 Why Collares Bought in a Botánica are no Good

Orisha necklaces, also called collares (Spanish) or elekes/ilekes (Yoruba/Lukumí) need to be tied shut by a Santera/o. The uninitiated can make necklaces, that is, the beads can be strung by anyone but for a necklace to be properly made, it must be knotted by an initiated Lukumí priest. The Santera/o will say a prayer while…

Seed beads

Seed beads, also called ‘rocailles’ and sometimes ‘pony’ or ‘crow’ beads are the most commonly-used type of bead in Lukumi religious practice. The historical centres for their production have been Italy/Venice and also The former Czech Republic and Germany (Bohemia). French also had a nice little seed bead industry going on for a while, too….

Pin ada o (pinaldo), Obe, and Cuchillo

After kariocha, or becoming an olorisha, a further initiation some go on to receive (usually after many years) is the ceremony of knife. It permits the person to sacrifice but is more of a rite of passage to elder hood and symbol of attainment and authority. The obvious deity central to the initiation is Ogun,…

Nana Buruku

Nana Buruku, the mother of Babalu Aye is another austere deity that is connected to the mysteries of the earth and thus she takes pink. She also takes black  and accents of coral and mother of pearl.

The Beauty and Power of Coral

  Coral is the precious material from the sea which is becoming increasingly endangered due to a loss of the pristine water conditions and natural ecosystem that allows it to grow. If we were to take better care of our environment and minimise pollution, we would all be better off, but that is all for…

Olokun the Owner of Beads

Have you ever looked at various necklaces (elekes) for Olokun and noticed that they vary a great deal from house to house? Obatala Ayaguna you can pretty much tell will be the same wherever you go, with minor variations, the same with Oshun Ibu Kole, and Shango is always red and white. Well, it turns out…

Opa Erinle

Here’s a little-known fact…Erinle takes a beaded staff. Ideally, it should be made from palo vencedor and beaded. It lives outside not inside his vessel. Here you see the tops of three staves for Inle that I beaded for a good friend. She asked me to make one for her, her goddaughter and a close friend….