Matipó: A Bead Color You Should Know

I mentioned this bead in a previous post, it describes a colour somewhere between red and brown. A reddish brown, but definitely a brown (not wine or anything so red). Matipó pictured below is used in elekes for Asojano, Aganju, some Oguns, Oba, and Oya.



You will see that there is definitely some red in there, and it is one of my favorite beads to work with. So, next time you are shopping for beads and you see those filthy muddy brown Chinese-made beads, pass by them. Say no. Try and find some real matipó and your beadwork will come alive.

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  1. Clarence McNish says:

    Where can I purchase matipo beads?.

    1. orishaarts says:

      You can try Margola Corp in New Jersey, you will have to do a google search for them.

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