Book Review Vlog of ORISHA by Pierre Fatumbi Verger

Here is my inaugural book review vlog. It can only get better, folks! I decided to pick one of my favourite authors/photographers/researchers/powerhouses: Pierre Fatumbi Verger.

This book and most of his others are pretty hard to get but they are worth the trouble.

Click above, or if that doesn’t work, Watch the video here

There are some second-hand copies for sale. There are French and Portuguese language versions (sorry, no English!) of this particular book and either version has the same gorgeous photos.

If you want to buy the Portuguese-language version click on the book: 

Here’s the Amazon link to buy the French-language version:

Verger, Pierre. 1982. Orisha: Les Dieux Yorouba en Afrique et au Nouveau Monde.
Paris: A.M. Métailié.

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