Introduction to Lucumi Beads and the Foundation of orisha Beadwork

t in a series of videos that explore and explain the types of beads used in Lucumi worship to make elekes, ides, mazos, and so on. I hope to grow this series to include how to make these items for the orishas according to traditional techniques. 

Book Vlog: Botánicas by Joseph Murphy

This is a wonderful book on the healing and spiritual stores called botánicas dotted across the US but especially concentrated in cities such as New York, Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. They are a mix of Afro-Atlantic and Latin American religions, traditions, and aesthetics. Joseph Murphy is an exceptional and insightful scholar on Afro-Atlantic religions…

Oshun Fans

I really love making Oshun fans. I buy these fertility fans and then paint them gold. I use a different shade of gold to highlight the lips, eyes, and some yeza or facial marks. I weave the beads to the body in different colours depending on the road. I then give her necklaces and earrings….

The differences between a Babalawo and a Santero

This isn’t going to be the in-depth treatise about the philosophical and liturgical differences between babalawo and olorisha (in Lukumi). I don’t have the energy for that post while I am on the road. But this is just to give newbies a cheat-sheet as the terms can get confusing. First off, a babalawo is a…

Matipó: A Bead Color You Should Know

I mentioned this bead in a previous post, it describes a colour somewhere between red and brown. A reddish brown, but definitely a brown (not wine or anything so red). Matipó pictured below is used in elekes for Asojano, Aganju, some Oguns, Oba, and Oya.   You will see that there is definitely some red in…

Book Review Vlog of ORISHA by Pierre Fatumbi Verger

Here is my inaugural book review vlog. It can only get better, folks! I decided to pick one of my favourite authors/photographers/researchers/powerhouses: Pierre Fatumbi Verger. This book and most of his others are pretty hard to get but they are worth the trouble. Click above, or if that doesn’t work, Watch the video here There are…

Nana Buruku

Nana Buruku, the mother of Babalu Aye is another austere deity that is connected to the mysteries of the earth and thus she takes pink. She also takes black  and accents of coral and mother of pearl.