Some Ifa Things

Here are some slightly different things for Orunmila/Ifa that I have made: Ide Ifa (idefa) that use blue cylindrical beads called “segi” or shegi. Segi beads are a sign of royalty and regeneration and these cornflower blue beads are said to be deposited in the earth by the rainbow python, Oshumare. They are said to glow all different colours and pythons/snakes are supposed to contain and secrete very powerful medicines


I also had the opportunity to bead a powder brush and divination tapper that belong to a babalawo. He had inherited them from his father, who was a very famous and much-loved diviner. I really wish I had taken a “before” photo but needless to say the powder brush handle had been wrapped in a simple strand of alternating green/yellow beads which had been GLUED on. The tapper or irofa, which is a piece of deer antler came to me bare, it didn’t have any beadwork. I really enjoyed making them and seeing the delight on the babalawo’s face when he unwrapped them.


I used a weaving technique, I never use glue. I use a very thick fishing line so that the beads won’t move when the pieces are used, and believe me, these pieces are used!


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