Iruke for Obatala Oshagriñan

I recently made an iruke (horsetail fly whisk) for Obatala Oshagriñan, the elder warrior Obatala. Oshagriñan is a strategist and alchemist and grants predictive vision to his children. Like Ayaguna, Oshagriñan takes a color other than funfun or the white color palette. Oshagriñan takes red or slightly orange coral (iyun), but not too much.

Along with Czech glass white and clear silver lined beads, in this iruke I also used opal, red coral, bone and ivory beads. Video is below the photo…



One Comment Add yours

  1. Ihosvany says:

    I Love it, so amazing the Iruke. Regards my friend!!!!!!


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