Odu Odi-She (7-5 Odi Oshe)

7-5 Odi Oshe

MAFEREFUN Oshún, Inle, Asojano, Oshosi, & Obatala

HERBS EWE OF THE ODU: Curujey, zazafrán, hiedra, orquidea, and all parasitic plants


The chickens don’t have any friends; if one draws near to another, it’s only to peck at her\
Many friendships that are not based on unconditional terms; people who are your friends because there’s something in it for them.

The curujey lives on (feeds on) the other trees
Distance yourself from your parasitic friendships and relationships


Eleguá says that you have you have suffered many losses. Don’t disappoint your elders and always show and maintain respect. You must take very good care of your family; one of them might get sick soon. You don’t sleep well and night and have bad dreams when you do sleep. Take care to avoid theft. There is an object of witchcraft in your house. Feed the Orishas; give thanks to Inle, Oshún, and Oshosi. A family member who has passed on requires you to have a misa performed for him or her and to be fed as well. In this Odu, the pimp is born, for which reason those for whom this Odu falls must never allow themselves to be exploited by anyone. Some types of cancer can be indicated, and the subject must take the greatest care possible and have regular, thorough checkups. Don’t kill mice. This Odu speaks of disobedience. You must make ebó so that you don’t die before your time. You must not keep birds or dogs in your house. If this Odu comes with Osogbo, the problem lies within your house. The earth must be fed. Abstain from alcoholic beverages. Each time you give money, good luck comes to you. Swelling in the legs, pain in the joints. Don’t be unfaithful because you would lose your good luck if you do. Sprinkle bluing (indigo) water generously throughout your house.


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