Visions and Voices of Haiti by Phyllis Galembo book (vodou, vodun, vodu)

Visions and Voices of Haiti by Phyllis Galembo

This is a stunning book by the photographer, Phyllis Galembo who has a keen interest in Afro-Atlantic religions, especially portraiture of practitioners. This inexpensive book is well worth buying as it has eighty-plus brilliant color photographs which are accompanied by captions and essays from experts of Haitian Vodou.

Galembo shows us the human and divine faces and voices of real Haitian Vodou in a beautiful, personal, and intimate document of a fascinating and deeply misunderstood religion. It has been reissued with a new cover to coincide with the author’s one-person show at the Albany Institute of History and Art in New York. A groundbreaking collection that was before its time. As alternative religions such as Wicca gain in popularity, less understood traditions such as Vodou are garnering more attention. Captions and essays from experts in the field accompany brilliant photographs documenting the Vodou religious practice.


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  1. Oruko Mi says:

    WOW!!! So informative!!! WOW!!! Ayibobo!!!!!!


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