Dada Omolowo Ori Omo Lube o

Dada and Abayani

Dada is the deity of riches and protector of children and is therefore related to the development and care of the human embryo and especially the human head alongside Obatala. The Lukumi believe Dada is Shango’s junior sibling. Dada’s children are ordained to Shango.

Dada is male, and his consecrated materials are kept in a small pilon or wooden bowl. The crown, as shown in the video below, is not Dada but Abayani considered Shango’s crown that aids Shango in ruling with an even-tempered and level head. Children

These two Orisha are consecrated in tandem. The odu Ogunda tells of Dada’s birth from Yemaya. Dada takes white and red beads, usually in doubles (2/2 combination)

The name Dada can mean good; a praise name for Dada is Omolowori. The child with the head (of/for) prosperity.

Dadda and Bayani “speak” in the odu 4-4 irosun meji, which concentrates on stabilizing the person and making sure that the adherent who has this odu does not falter but rather gains status and prestige in life.

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