Books, books, & more books

I really can’t get enough of books. I have them scattered like the four winds all over the place. Funny story, my older brother used to tease me as a kid by asking if I had piles. Of course, I would say yes; that I have piles of paper, and piles of books! At this, my brother would positively wet himself with glee. What was so funny about a pile of books I will never know! 😉

So, in time I will start doing individual posts about specific books, bloody reviews. I hope that won’t bore you to death.

In the meantime here’s one of my shelves:


The Cultura Afro-Cubana set by Jorge and Isabel Castellans (father and daughter) are a treasure trove of information. I also like the Cuban Estudios Cubans set to the right. But I don’t know why the most recent volume – no. 5 they made so much bigger. Lots of interesting articles. The John Mason books are worth having. I found Araaraara (worst name to try typing while looking sideways at the photo of the spine of the book) a bit higgledy-piggledy (a jumble.) The first book on the left, Afro-Cuban Religiosity by Christine Ayorinde is a genius.



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